This page has been updated to offer you a much broader range of shopping choices than just, although you can certainly use that too. See below for details on my Upromise Guest Shopping Link and the related Facebook Page, Coupons From Upromise: Be My Guest.

First, I'm currently using this page to house my affiliate link. Almost everyone I know shops at, so I thought I'd ask for your help. Don't worry; I don't collect any personal information on this site, and I won't know whether you shopped through it or not. Amazon will use a tracking cookie just to give me credit for your purchases, but that's it. My Amazon commissions increase by the number of items shipped; so it's not only about how much money you spend, but also about how many items you buy. Shortcut! Right-click this link and choose Save Target As or Save Link As to download an desktop shortcut that goes through my link every time.

Save yourself some money at other stores! If you're going to shop online at almost any other store besides, consider trying my Upromise Guest Shopping Link. It offers coupons at over 700 partner stores, and as my guest, you have access to all of them. You can also search for a particular product to try to find stores that have it. I don't receive any cash from your shopping at the site, but you will be helping friends of mine pay down student loans just by buying from store sites you were going to use anyway. So by shopping, you give a little extra gift to someone else at no additional cost.

New! Coupon Highlights are now available on Facebook! Related to the Upromise link is the new Coupons From Upromise: Be My Guest page. "Like" the page to receive specific coupon offerings in your news feed. Then take advantage of them as my guest. While you're at it, share the page with your friends and help them save money too. The more people who take advantage of these coupons, the more you help me help others. Here are some examples of the kinds of coupons you'll find.

Important Disclaimer: Please note that this is not to raise money to help Katy Blake get back to Rehab, although you should really go there too. I just don't want anyone to think this was a resource to raise money for Katy; I really wanted to do that, but for tax purposes, it was entirely too complicated. If we figure out how to make that happen in a way that would actually benefit Katy, we certainly will do so.

I hope these resources help you, in addition to helping me or my friends. Happy shopping!

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